Services of Windows Server Update

Windows Server Update Services on windows 2012

By using Windows Server Update services we can manage updates that are downloaded and installed g in different computers on our network.

Let's look at the process.

By default, they are marked two services.

If we wish to discharge upgrades on the server, we must point out the route.

By default, install us the role of IIS (Internet Information service), i.e. the Web server role.

We can set up some more of the IIS role service if we need it.

Act followed, will proceed to install services.

The process ends with the WSU service installed and the corresponding console.

It will us by selecting "start post-install tasks" and ready.

Let us now to configure the server.

It invites us to participate in the microsoft improvement program.

Then we must choose where to download updates, if Microsoft or another WSU server, as well as if a proxy for this service should be implemented.

Now, we begin the connection at the WSU.

Choose the language of the updates, in our case the Spanish and the SOs or products to update.

Choose what kind of updates we wish to update on the remote computers.

This process has been completed we will have to start it manually first.

And it will begin to synchronize the contents.

The second step is to integrate updates into the environment.

Let's see the configuration console.

Setup automated on client computers

If our client computers are part of a domain configuration is really easy just have to create an easy policy (GPO), go to computer configuration > administrative templates > Windows components > Windows Update.

Once there we only need to enable the directive to specify the location of the Windows Update intranet service and select our server WSU.

We must correctly assign the name of the server that contains the service of WSU.

Automatic updates must also be activated so customers do not have to manually force the installation of the updates.