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Axie Infinity

two worlds

Axies are fierce creatures that love to battle, build, and hunt for treasure!

Players can build up a collection of Axies and use them across an ever expanding universe of games!

Axie Infinity uses cutting edge technology called Blockchain to reward players for their engagement.

The Creation Story

Axie Infinity was founded by Trung Nguyen and Tu Duan (Masamune) in December 2017 and later joined by Aleksander Leonard Larsen, Jeffrey Samuel Kim Zirlin and Viet Anh Ho Sy.

Trung saw the potential for Blockchain based game economies after stumbling across CryptoKitties. He created Axie to bring fun gameplay, sound economic design, and true utility to Blockchain based game assets. Axie has survived a brutal bear market, while continuously shipping new game experiences and building a dynamic, energetic community.

Masamune’s inspiration for Axies was the Greek mythological creature, the Chimera, which possesses features from lions, goats, and serpents. He wanted Axies to capture a mythical spirit, so he gave them interesting parts from a variety of creatures.

The Economy: Too Good To Be True?

Axie is a new type of game that rewards players for the time and effort they spend both playing the game and growing the ecosystem.
Axie has a 100% player-owned, real money economy. Rather than selling game items or copies, the developers of the game focus on growing the player to player economy and take small fees to monetize. Axies are created by players using in-game resources (SLP & AXS) and sold to new/other players. You can think of Axie as a nation with a real economy. The holders of the AXS token are the government that receives tax revenues. The inventors/builders of the game, Sky Mavis, hold ~20% of all AXS tokens.
Game resources and items are tokenized, meaning they can be sold to anyone, anywhere on open peer-to-peer markets.
Traditional games are digital economies with 100% tax rates. Axie Infinity a digital economy with a 4.25% tax rate.

Each year, people spend billions of dollars on game items and game resources with no real-world value. 100% of the money is going to the developers of these games while the players don't get anything for their valuable feedback and contribution to the growth of the game.

We have legitimized the black/grey market for game items and opened up the business model so that players can benefit from the value they add to the game.

To be a bit more specific we need to look at how the Axie economy works. Right now there is no free-to-play and the only way to get started is to buy a team of Axies from the player-to-player marketplace.

‌ **If Axie Infinity was a traditional game the developers would sell Axies directly to the players and take all the revenue themselves.**

‌ But in this case, the value is being co-created between developer and player. **To create a new Axie players need to breed. In order to breed, players must use up Smooth Love Potions. These potions are not for sale by the developer but can only be found inside the game. Once a potion has been found it can be turned into a token and sold on peer-to-peer markets such as Uniswap/Binance. This is what creates the ability to 'earn'.**

This economy works as long as players are interested in creating new Axies, but in the end, some players must be willing to hold on to their Axies because they love them. This is however just the beginning of how the Axie Infinity economy will look in the end.

‌ The Axie ecosystem also benefits from sponsors who 'drop' tokens inside the game which players can earn when they play. Sponsors also fund tournaments. These sources of external capital will grow as Axie's player-base grows.

There are other types of value that Axie players gain through their journey such as:
   - Joy of owning a pet.
   - Rest and relaxation.
   - Making friends and finding business partners/mentors.
   - Learning how to use an important new technology. There's no need for paid "blockchain classes".